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Incredible Snare drumming duos: Fills’ Monkey

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If you are a drummer like us you sure have seen a lot of great, incredible things on Youtube, that's for sure, but alas, I'm sure you haven't seen it all yet! The Fills' Monkey drumming duos is really astonishing a...

The triplet diddle – Snare drum exercise

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Ok guys, we did drum shows, drum covers and generally had fun with the other sex lately, but today it's drum workout day! We have a new snare drum exercise for you, it's called the triplet diddle and it's kinda use...

Carl Palmer the snare drum master – Drum show

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I've seen drummers do neat things with their snares but Mr. Carl Palmer here is simply unbelievable! Have a look at what he's doing @ time 1:42 and be amazed... There are so many wonderful thing that can be played ...

The fastest way to improve your single stroke roll – drum lesson by DrummerEtc

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Speeding up your drum stroke roll as shown in this drum lesson should be on the list of your top priorities for improving your drumming. I love the way DrummerEtc is explaining the process and exercises in this vid...

The Pantera snare drum exercise by Snare science

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Snare science today is showing us an interesting drum pattern on the snare, it's called the Pantera snare drum exercise because it can be heard pretty often in Pantera records by drummer Vinnie Paul. It's simple ye...