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Gene Hogland warm up exercises!

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Who would have said the Gene Hogland did warm ups like the rest of us? Well, he doesn't, 'cause he's kinda terrifying on the drumpad, too! The more I watch of Gene videos and the more I think he's a great drumme...

Introduction to Tommy Igoe Groove essentials drum course

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Are you looking for a decent drum course or drum method? Then maybe this is for you! I've hear great things about this Tommy Igoe DVD from Hudson music. So many drummers out there who have used this to perfect their g...

Justin Conway flying on the drum pad practice!

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WARNING: This video has a magnetic quality to it. Once you start watching is kinda hard to look away, isn't it ? This guy is simply incredible, but how do you achieve such speed iin drum pad practice, how long does...

Dazed and Confused – Mike Portnoy playing Bonzo Bash 2012

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I must say I'm not a huge fan of Mike Portnoy per se. I love his drumming but I don't really dig his style in Dream Theather, that's all. Of course if we're talking Mike Portnoy playing Bonzo classic "Dazed and Confus...

Double stroke roll triplets free drum lessons by Jared Falk

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Playing triplets is fun! Not very easy to play triplets FAST if you don't take your homework seriously, but it's always nice to split time and switch that 4 to 3 on the fly, leading to unexplored territories (to most ...

Incorporating paradiddle variations into the drumset

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Paradiddle is a fine rudiment, we all know that, it's the perfect exercise, since it's easy to learn and hard to master, and things get quite complicated when we start to consider all its variations. But what I fee...

Syncopation and why you should know EVERYTHING about it

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A little syncopation drum lesson ... Drumming is no easy task, we all know this simple fact. Drum beats can get repetitive after time and going thru the motions alone won't make it in most cases. That's why you nee...

Double hi-hat exercise by Juan Carlos Mendoza

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It's hard to find good hi hat exercises around but I think this is a nice one. Juan Carlos is playing this funky beat with a couple of hi-hat but I can see how it could be done with a ride cymbal in place of the secon...

Drum lesson with Ginger Baker – part 2

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Ginger Baker, legendary drummer of the Cream through the sixties, has a gift for explaining his craft. That's why I'm posting the sequel to lesson no.1. It's so easy to follow along the lines of Ginger's teaching, he ...

Ginger Baker drum lesson part 1

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I really appreciated this drum lesson by Ginger Baker. Ginger's a very experienced drummer who has played with Cream and Blind Faith and he has plenty to share. The lesson is quite long but it really is quite simple. ...

7 Beats every drummer should know – drum lesson by Jared Falk

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Learning drums is no easy thing, that's a sure thing! Aspiring drummers are always wondering about what beats to learn to start with and this post is meant to help those people. The lesson is deep and accurate even by...

Tuning drums with Jared Falk – Drum lesson

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You want your drums to sound great, right? Then you shouldn't skip on tuning drums the best way, I've been searching for a good method online for ages, and this is what Jared think about tuning drums. Should I tune...