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Speeding up your kick drum pedal speed – Kick drum lesson

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Jared Falk is releasing this free series on advanced kick drum techniques: FREE Series: The Top 3 Bass Drum Techniques - In this video drum lesson, Jared Falk shows you how to play some advan...

Drum lesson – Kick pedal – The slide technique by LBird44

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This interesting lesson is an updated version of a previous youtube video (it can still be found here) where the author explains how she's playing a single pedal just like it were a double via the "slide" technique. ...

Cobus Potgieter foot technique in depth explanation – drum lessons

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Cobus Potgieter for sure has a nice arsenal of drum moves as you can tell from watching this video. Thankfully he's a great guy always willing to explain us his technique. In this video Cobus doing just that, taking s...

Put the kick in drum fills – lesson 1 with Romain Goulon

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Drum fills are great compliment to solid drumming, don't you think? But many drummers totally forget about creative new ways of playing fills and tend to overplay the toms so... here comes a new idea! Using the kick i...

All the different pedal techniques explained – heel down – heel up – slide – heel and toe

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Kick pedal techniques can be confusing to the beginner drummer, there are so many ways to play a pedal, and it's not readily apparent what's the best technique for anybody. That's why I decided to post this vid, in...