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Advanced Paradiddle drum fills

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Take something simple and make it awesome. This is my filosophy when it comes to drumming, so many things we can do and so many variations on just about anything... Let's work our way up from the basics to some mor...

Useful drum fills – the backwards fill

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When I look for useful drum fills on Youtube I get totally flooded. A lot of stuff, some of it kinda useless, some is pretentious bullshit and then I happen to stumble upon some little gems just like this one. B...

Drum fills for the session drummer, safe, shady and naughty!

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It's good to have a little drum humor video from time to time, especially when Chris Brush is on the kit! What are the best drum fills for session drummers? Chris is showing us three different categories, the safe,...

Very fast one hand drum fill

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Ok, this is just to show that sometimes you only need one hand to rock! A Great, mouth opening one hand drum fill where speed is everything, I can assure you this guy is gonna do more with one hand and one foot tha...

Drum fills lessons – how to make tasty drum fills by Thomas Lang

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Not much is shown in these drum fills lessons but I liked it a lot, why? Because Thomas has really nailed the problem with drum fills here. Drummers tend to over-fill and they lose much of their groove in the process....

Linear Triplet Fill lesson – by Mike Johnston – Drum Lesson

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Mike Johnston, drummer, writer and author of the "Linear Drumming" book is here today to show us how to improve our drum fills. This fill is done with a simple triplet pattern, but the result is pretty tasty, check it...

Put the kick in drum fills – lesson 1 with Romain Goulon

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Drum fills are great compliment to solid drumming, don't you think? But many drummers totally forget about creative new ways of playing fills and tend to overplay the toms so... here comes a new idea! Using the kick i...

Incorporating paradiddle variations into the drumset

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Paradiddle is a fine rudiment, we all know that, it's the perfect exercise, since it's easy to learn and hard to master, and things get quite complicated when we start to consider all its variations. But what I fee...

No One Knows – Dave Grohl style fills explained

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If you're trying to play an accurate rendition of QOTSA hit from their "Songs for the deaf" album then this post is definitely for you! Mr RoseDrumStudio was kind enough to sit down on the kit and show us all the f...

6 stroke roll fills and variations

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We all love rudiments, and we pretty much hate them at the same time... they seem so stupid, and yet they can be very useful, isn't it? You know which rudiment doesn't get enough love? The mighty six stroke roll. ...