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Tuning drums with Jared Falk – Drum lesson

Added by 6 years ago

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You want your drums to sound great, right? Then you shouldn't skip on tuning drums the best way, I've been searching for a good method online for ages, and this is what Jared think about tuning drums. Should I tune...

Double hi-hat exercise by Juan Carlos Mendoza

Added by 6 years ago

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It's hard to find good hi hat exercises around but I think this is a nice one. Juan Carlos is playing this funky beat with a couple of hi-hat but I can see how it could be done with a ride cymbal in place of the secon...

Single Paradiddle – Drum rudiments

Added by 6 years ago

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The Single Paradiddle exercise is one of the most important drum rudiments every drummer should learn, with this simple pattern repeated over the different pieces of the drumkit we have a very powerful arsenal of drum...

Advanced Paradiddle drum fills

Added by 5 years ago

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Take something simple and make it awesome. This is my filosophy when it comes to drumming, so many things we can do and so many variations on just about anything... Let's work our way up from the basics to some mor...

Justin Conway flying on the drum pad practice!

Added by 5 years ago

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WARNING: This video has a magnetic quality to it. Once you start watching is kinda hard to look away, isn't it ? This guy is simply incredible, but how do you achieve such speed iin drum pad practice, how long does...

Linear Triplet Fill lesson – by Mike Johnston – Drum Lesson

Added by 6 years ago

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Mike Johnston, drummer, writer and author of the "Linear Drumming" book is here today to show us how to improve our drum fills. This fill is done with a simple triplet pattern, but the result is pretty tasty, check it...

The triplet diddle – Snare drum exercise

Added by 5 years ago

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Ok guys, we did drum shows, drum covers and generally had fun with the other sex lately, but today it's drum workout day! We have a new snare drum exercise for you, it's called the triplet diddle and it's kinda use...

Introduction to Tommy Igoe Groove essentials drum course

Added by 5 years ago

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Are you looking for a decent drum course or drum method? Then maybe this is for you! I've hear great things about this Tommy Igoe DVD from Hudson music. So many drummers out there who have used this to perfect their g...

The Pantera snare drum exercise by Snare science

Added by 6 years ago

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Snare science today is showing us an interesting drum pattern on the snare, it's called the Pantera snare drum exercise because it can be heard pretty often in Pantera records by drummer Vinnie Paul. It's simple ye...

Useful drum fills – the backwards fill

Added by 5 years ago

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When I look for useful drum fills on Youtube I get totally flooded. A lot of stuff, some of it kinda useless, some is pretentious bullshit and then I happen to stumble upon some little gems just like this one. B...

Gene Hogland warm up exercises!

Added by 5 years ago

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Who would have said the Gene Hogland did warm ups like the rest of us? Well, he doesn't, 'cause he's kinda terrifying on the drumpad, too! The more I watch of Gene videos and the more I think he's a great drumme...

Basic 4 way independence exercise – drum lesson by drumlessoncourse

Added by 6 years ago

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Hand / foot independence is always hard to achieve for a drummer and this exercise has been tought just to help you improve your hand foot coordination and mental independence. We have a total of 4 exercises here, ...

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