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The 5 best snare drums money can buy

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Today we offer you a selection of the best snare drums from various manufacurers, here's a list of each model and btw its price listing, in every take you can hear them alone and also in the context of a (reduced) dru...

How to record Youtube covers!

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Have you ever wanted to show your drumming skills on Youtube ? Ever fancied getting lots of views because of your unique rendition of a classic drum hit ? Then this video is for you. You don't really need expensive...

The five best sounding drum kits money can buy

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There are so many nice drumkits out there... but what if you had as much money as you could spend, what would you get yourself ? That's what we can find out in this video, listed here are some of the best sounding ...

Drum beater sound test by Ericb

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The kick drum beater is seldom considered as a variable in the drum sound. Many drummers stick with what they have found on their kick pedal, while just a few like to experiment. Another interesting variation to th...

How do different drum heads sound on the snare? – Drum heads sound samples

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Snare sound is such a crucial part of a drummer's identity, there are so many choices for a drum head and it may not be easy to test all the different possibilities. Luckily for us youtube user Eric000B did some exten...

Ten great sounding classic snare drums by troutstudio

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Getting a great snare tone should be one of your top priorities around the drumkit, that's why you should look carefully for a snare that sounds exactly how you like it! This nice video selection is showing us some...

Samson 7 Kit mics – Drum gear sound test by Jascha Servi

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After getting a good drum kit as a starting point, if you wanna get srious about drum recording, you really should grab yourself some decent quality mics. Samson makes some interesting kits for a fair price, namely: ...