If you’re learning to be a drummer there’s so much great stuff on the web and YouTube that taking lesson is nearly becoming obsolete.

The problem is… Half of what you see on YouTube is shit, and well, There’s no real way to find out without losing a lot of time.

Therefore I decided to set up this website, dedicated only to the best drumming videos I can find on the Tube.


By the way we’re open to your submission, but please keep in mind that only the greatest / most useful videos are worth of DrumTeachTube.com.

Having said that please feel free to send us your stuff using the contact page.

How we publish

All videos are, unless otherwise specified, taken from YouTube and embedded on this site. All content publishers therefore gain visitors and visibility of their YouTube channel, eventual ads won’t be stripped and we believe this is a far way to publicize great content and also provide our readers with only the best selection.

It’s a WIN – WIN scenario and we don’t see anything wrong with how we work but, if you feel like your videos shouldn’t be on this website you should simply remove embedding from your videos and everything should disappear from this site (you can also contact us)