Added by on 2013-07-01

Oh, the things the Tube is holding for us…pretty incredible stuff!

I first listened to a Gene Krupa record while starting to appreciate Jazz and he stroke me as maybe the most powerful jazz drummer ever, what a super beat!

Well, I was searching for some of his drumming to show you ppl and I stumbled on this incredible clip, taken from the 1959 movie “The Gene Krupa Story” where Sal Mineo is playing Gene Krupa and Gene himself is making the drums sound real behind the scenes.

Besides being an anti-marijuana movie this is a nice way to experience some old time 20’s era drumming. The clip is some sort of drum duel between Gene and a backup drummer of the big band he is currently playing with. Coz you know…when you smoke too much pot you all need a backup drummer dontcha?

Many thanks to CJ who made me discover this gem.



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