Added by on 2013-07-19

Have you ever wanted to show your drumming skills on Youtube ? Ever fancied getting lots of views because of your unique rendition of a classic drum hit ? Then this video is for you.

You don’t really need expensive equipment, you know, a decent video camera is enough. Even if you don’t have a mixer and plenty of microphones there are other ways to make it on the tube with a nice sounding kit.

And so, you might be wondering how to record youtube covers the way all the cool kids do…

1 mic is all you need, and yes it can be your video camera mic, given that the placement is right, it usually helps a lot if you can manage to snatch a decent used mic to split your camera point of view from the position of the mic (ie: where it sounds best!).

Cooperdrummer here goes a great way explaining how to get it right and start publishing your drumming on youtube so…listen carefully and learn how to make it.

He’s a cool guy, thank you man, and good luck with your Youtube fame!



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