Added by on 2013-06-03

Hi fellows drummers! You all know how I’m pretty into technique and developing a solid beat, right?

Well, today I was thinking, how is it that so many drummers out there are playing the same s*it yet it sounds so different on each one?

…As it often turns out, it’s just a matter of style!

Every single drummer thinks a beat in different terms, puts different force on the backbeat, approaches the hi-hat in a different way, mas o menos all the elements can be different when you consider different players…but there’s also something big which doesn’t get mentioned quite enough.

INTENTION, that’s what really makes a performance shine.

That’s why this video of Tommy Clufetos stroke me in a big way (small clue: he’s the 2013 Black Sabbath drummer!). He plays stuff I’ve heard countless many other drummers play, and yet he’s nailing it down in a way pretty much unique!

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks to Nicodominion for upping this, by the way.



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