Added by on 2013-06-19

I was surprised when I first heard Rope on the latest Foos’ album “Wasting Light”. This song doesn’t have much to share with Foo Fighters‘ style in the first place, it’s way more elaborate than the rest of the record.

I am a big time fan of Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl, but certainly Wasting Light isn’t on my top list. Having said that surely the drumming is top notch on “Rope”. Many reviewers have compared it to Rush, and I can see how that’s fitting from a certain point of view. So I decided to search for some explanation of the song as a drum cover. What I found is this excellent video drum lesson by Wrightdrums, where he goes into depths to explain the feel of this song and the drum parts.

A very nice effort, if you ask me, guess Dave Grohl would be honored 🙂

Check out more of Wrightdrums on his channel.



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