Added by on 2013-06-12

You already know the score about us being total absolute QOTSA fanboys, right? Well, so we did our homework when a new drummer was announced.

After Dave Grohl and Joey Castillo  who could be worthy of such a big badass drum throne? Josh Homme has great taste when it comes to drummers and we were a bit perplexed when Jon Theodore emerged.

That was kinda stupid, we know, Jon had been drummer for The Mars Volta and has an excellent pedigree as a drummer. After having seen Jon play like a killer in online QOTSA concerts (just like this one) I have no doubts, he’s a wonderful drummer, and his parts in the Mars Volta deserve a huge respect.

That brings us to present day, we’re proposing you a great The Mars Volta drum cover of “Inertiatic ESP” by hot female drummer Caitlin Thomas, and boys …she can play and look absolutely great at the same time!

Watch more on her channel.



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