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Advanced Paradiddle drum fills

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Take something simple and make it awesome. This is my filosophy when it comes to drumming, so many things we can do and so many variations on just about anything... Let's work our way up from the basics to some mor...

Rope by Foo Fighters – a drum cover and drum lesson by Wrightdrums

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I was surprised when I first heard Rope on the latest Foos' album "Wasting Light". This song doesn't have much to share with Foo Fighters' style in the first place, it's way more elaborate than the rest of the record....

Song for the Dead – Queens of the Stone Age drum cover by Josh Dauer

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I loved this Queens of the Stone Age drum cover the moment I put my eyes on it, it's a passionate way to play the drums, you know. And I really like how wild it gets by the end. Dave Grohl, who originally wrote the pa...

Inertiatic ESP The Mars Volta drum cover by Caitlin Thomas

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You already know the score about us being total absolute QOTSA fanboys, right? Well, so we did our homework when a new drummer was announced. After Dave Grohl and Joey Castillo  who could be worthy of such a big ba...

Double stroke roll triplets free drum lessons by Jared Falk

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Playing triplets is fun! Not very easy to play triplets FAST if you don't take your homework seriously, but it's always nice to split time and switch that 4 to 3 on the fly, leading to unexplored territories (to most ...

The lost art of keeping a secret – Queens of the Stone Age drum cover by Jamz98

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Here's another Queens of the Stone Age drum cover, since I love'em and their latest album is out now... let's celebrate another excellent chapter in the history of Rock'n'Roll and great drumming! Nothing too fancy ...

6 stroke roll fills and variations

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We all love rudiments, and we pretty much hate them at the same time... they seem so stupid, and yet they can be very useful, isn't it? You know which rudiment doesn't get enough love? The mighty six stroke roll. ...

No One Knows – Dave Grohl style fills explained

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If you're trying to play an accurate rendition of QOTSA hit from their "Songs for the deaf" album then this post is definitely for you! Mr RoseDrumStudio was kind enough to sit down on the kit and show us all the f...

Tommy Clufetos – drumming is a matter of style…

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Hi fellows drummers! You all know how I'm pretty into technique and developing a solid beat, right? Well, today I was thinking, how is it that so many drummers out there are playing the same s*it yet it sounds so d...