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Tony Royster Jr mastering the paradiddle

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Single rudiment, easy to play, hard to master, right? Dunno, check out what Tony is playing in this video, kinda makes fun of us all mere mortal drummers! Tony has such a groove, he can do whatever he likes and suc...

Incorporating paradiddle variations into the drumset

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Paradiddle is a fine rudiment, we all know that, it's the perfect exercise, since it's easy to learn and hard to master, and things get quite complicated when we start to consider all its variations. But what I fee...

In play by Nirvana drum cover by Ben Powell

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Love that simple but powerful drumming that became a trademark of Dave Grohl signature style. Of course every Nirvana song had plenty! Here's an excellent Nirvana drum cover by Ben Powell, the video quality is great, ...

Time and drum independance lesson by Dennis Leeflang

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Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest ones to do right... but what do you know about hand/feet independence? This old lesson may have a not-so-great quality but the AWESOME Dennis Leeflang (drummer for Bumbl...

Queens of the Stone Age – My god is the sun drum cover by johnkew

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QOTSA are coming back this June with a new record! I'm so excited to hear what Josh and his pals have worked on the last 5 years... They have been releasing some samples and other excellent video teasers at http...

Who said playing rudiments shouldn’t be fun?

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Viewer alert: This video might seriously blow your mind. No this ain't some horror flic a la "A serbian film" trying to shock the shit out of our viewers... it's just one of the wildest drum videos out there! Ja...

Syncopation and why you should know EVERYTHING about it

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A little syncopation drum lesson ... Drumming is no easy task, we all know this simple fact. Drum beats can get repetitive after time and going thru the motions alone won't make it in most cases. That's why you nee...

Cowboys from Hell – Pantera drum cover by Lux Drummerette

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I guess there's always a first time in life. Today it's a first for me, first time I see a drummer girl beating the bass drum with high heels (and pretty sexy too). Pardon my misoginy, but this girl totaly ROCKS...

In Bloom – Nirvana drum cover by Mikey drummer girl

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Another easy to follow drum cover, another sexy drummer girl, another timeless classic by Dave Grohl... looks like I'm becoming repetitive, isn't it? Well, anyway, that's how I like'em so don't complain too much... In...

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden – drum cover by sexy drummer Meytal Cohen

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Dear sexy drummer Meytal Cohen does it again with this cover of Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Let me stress out this is one of MY FAVOURITE SONGS EVER, and this drum cover is simple enough and easy to follow, good...

Two handed hihat drum beats by Jared Falk

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Jared scores big again in my book by giving away some nice free drum lessons just likes this one, check it out! This time we have some basic sticking for the hihat in simple drum beats, easy to follow and to learn,...