Added by on 2013-04-20

Snare sound is such a crucial part of a drummer’s identity, there are so many choices for a drum head and it may not be easy to test all the different possibilities. Luckily for us youtube user Eric000B did some extensive testing and posted the results on his youtube channel, here’s some of the drum heads he tested:

  • Evans coated HD Dry
  • Evans coated Powercenter reverse dot
  • Remo coated Emperor
  • Remo coated Ambassador
  • Remo coated Powerstroke 3
  • Remo coated Vintage A
  • Remo coated Emperor X
  • Remo coated controlled sound
  • Aquarian coated Performance II

All drum heads sound incredible on his wonderful DW 14×5 collector’s maple snare drum

I’m such a drum-head I couldn’t resist posting this… happy listening! (headphones recommended).



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